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Warning : Geeks Reading

A Reading Group for Geeks

Reading Group for Geeks
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This is a group dedicated to reading all kinds of books but probably will have a specific interest in Fiction. If you are interested, go ahead and join and I'll approve you.

The rules of the community are as follows:

  • Any kind of writing is okay. I would assume that preferences be given to novels, graphic novels, non-fiction (histories and spiritual/philosophical/sociological/scientific non-academic texts), collections of short fiction. I'm willing to see how plays, screenplays and poetry work out before I place any restrictions on them.
  • Every four weeks, a book is recommended by a member of the community. Generally, the member announcing the book should give a bit of background about the author (period during which the author wrote, the kinds of stories he wrote, any curiosities of his/hers that would reflect on reading the book, etc.) and the book (year of publication, genre, initial reaction of the recommender, etc.). Please include information on how to acquire the book (at least the IBN#) or if the book is in the public domain research Gutenberg and other resources to see if they have been transcribed online like most of the Sherlock Homes stories, for example.
  • If the recommender desires, he or she can add a second book as a supplemental recommendations in case their primary recommendation is too small (a graphic novel or a small novel for example) to occupy four weeks of reading time. The group is under no obligation to read this second recommendation but is free to discuss it if they do so.
  • The four weeks following the announcement are dedicated to posts about the book by people reading them. I'd like to see mini reviews, but even a short reaction would be appreciated. Remember - this reading group is here so we can read new books and discuss them as well.
  • The order of recommendations will be chosen by me (randomly and well in advance) and posted in the community so we should know who's turn is coming up well in advance. And please, no arguments over "but that was my recommendation!" because there are countless excellent books that only you have read and need to be exposed.
  • Try to stay away from the too-popular books (no Door Stopper Fantasy (IE Robert Jordan, George Martin...), Harry Potter, Sci Fi properties (Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Predator)) there are plenty of websites with forums devoted to discussing those books and people have way too intimate connections to them. Lets try to read stuff that we haven't read. Let's recommend the stuff that's weird and strange and different from the stuff that winds up on the New York Times best sellers list. Let's see those books that informed and educated and entertained and astonished and thrilled and weirded you out that were outside the mainstream.
  • Please - don't turn these discussions into flame wars. If you love or hate a book and somebody with the opposite opinion attacks your review and the concepts you got out of the book then don't take it as an insult to you. Either defend your perspective or not - that's up to you. But please don't take anything that happens here personally. Reaction to art is intimate and personal but criticism is also an academic practice. So exercise your self-restraint and grab a grain of salt or two before you read what people are writing.